XPO1 inhibition has the potential to engage the cell’s innate ability to fight cancer1-5

The impact of XPO1 inhibition has been shown in two tumor types—and is under investigation in several others.3-6

It moves cellular factors out of the cell nucleus

XPO1 is a nuclear export protein responsible for the transport of cargoes between the cell nucleus and cytoplasm.7-12 Some of these cargoes can be associated with hallmarks of cancer.11-13

It can also affect other ways cells normally fight some cancers

Dysregulated XPO1 can also help cancer cells evade detection and thrive by impacting a range of factors that normally help suppress cancer.6,11-15

Karyopharm is committed to continued research into the promise and potential of XPO1 inhibition in several hematologic and solid tumors.3-5

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