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Supporting Medical Research

Karyopharm is committed to supporting independent research that is aligned with Karyopharm areas of research interest. Independent research may be defined within the industry as Investigator Sponsored Research (ISR), Investigator Initiated Research (IIR), Investigator Sponsored Trials (IST) or Investigator Initiated Trials (IIT) and Outcomes Research (OR). 

Karyopharm considers all independent research to be part of its Global Medical Research (GMR) program. 

Areas of Research Interest

Area of InterestOut of Scope
  • The use of selinexor-triplet therapy peri-T-cell engager (clinical and mechanistic)
  • Selinexor in patients with relapse refractory multiple myeloma of high unmet need (e.g., renal insufficiency, extramedullary disease)
  • Real-world evidence on selinexor-based triplet therapy dosing and sequencing patterns
  • Front line newly diagnosed multiple myeloma
  • Combination therapy with small molecules
  • Eltanexor in multiple myeloma
Area of InterestOut of Scope
  • Selinexor ± Immuno-Oncology regardless of setting
  • Selinexor in combination with additional novel agents (e.g., ADCs)
  • Selinexor in combination with chemotherapy in advanced/recurrent 1L
  • Eltanexor in endometrial cancer
  • Selinexor monotherapy as 1L treatment in advanced/recurrent

Area of InterestOut of Scope
  • Selinexor in subpopulations of high unmet need in myelofibrosis (e.g., MDS/MPN overlap, JMML)
  • Doublet or triplet combination therapy with novel myelofibrosis agents
  • Preclinical biomarkers of response
  • Eltanexor in myelofibrosis
  • Selinexor in JAKi failure, intolerance, or suboptimal response
  • Selinexor in combination with pacritinib
Area of InterestOut of Scope
Disease Areas:
  • Polycythemia Vera
  • Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia
  • Diffuse large B cell lymphoma

Biomarker Guided:
  • TP53 WT (e.g., low grade ovarian, kidney, liver, esophageal, lung, pancreatic, and/or bladder)
  • Sarcoma
  • Non-small cell lung cancer
  • Melanoma
  • Acute myeloid leukemia
  • Glioblastoma

Other areas of interest:

  • Selinexor in underrepresented patient populations
  • Selinexor in pediatric patients with malignancy

IST proposals should investigate clinical endpoints. Preclinical research should be correlative and supportive in nature.

How to Get Started

Investigators from the scientific and academic research communities may submit a proposal for Global Medical Research (GMR) through our online portal called PORE®. Karyopharm may provide support of independent research in the form of drug supply only or drug supply with funding. This program is open to physicians, researchers and institutions interested in conducting independent research.

All research proposals should be submitted via our PORE® Request Management System. Preliminary discussions on research proposals are welcome. Please contact your local MSL or the Karyopharm GMR team to initiate a discussion on a research proposal.

How the Review Process Works

Through the Karyopharm internal review process, independent and unsolicited research proposals are periodically reviewed for scientific merit and alignment with our clinical development strategy, among other factors.

Additional information regarding the submission requirements can be found within PORE®. You may also submit any further GMR related questions to

Submission of a proposal does not imply nor guarantee endorsement. Any Karyopharm support is contingent upon an executed research agreement and the terms therein.

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