Sharon Shacham, PhD, MBA

Karyopharm Co-Founder

Dr. Shacham co-founded Karyopharm in 2008 and served as our Chief Scientific Officer and head of Research and Development from 2010 until May 2022 and as President from 2013 until May 2021. She was also President of Research and Development from 2012 to 2013. From 2010 to 2011, Dr. Shacham served as our President and Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Shacham has led our scientific progress since inception.

Prior to joining Karyopharm, Dr. Shacham served as Senior Vice President of Drug Development at Epix Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Director, Algorithm and Software Development at Predix Pharmaceuticals Inc., which merged into Epix Pharmaceuticals in 2006, and where she led the company’s efforts in GPCR modeling, computational chemistry, lead optimization and development of clinical trials.

Dr. Shacham holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry, and a Master of Business of Administration from Tel Aviv University.